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RIP Almigdad Mojalli – a wonderful journalist and friend

UPDATE: A fund has been set up for Almigdad’s family. Anyone who wants to please donate here This morning IĀ received the devastating news that Almigdad Mojalli, a Yemeni journalist who had written for a whole range of media – both … Continue reading

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US ‘will not use’ depleted uranium in Syria or Iraq

UPDATE: February 15 2017. After Airwars and Foreign Policy revealed that in fact the US has startedĀ using Depleted Uranium, I was asked by a couple of people for the full quotes where they pledged not to use it. In the … Continue reading

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Interactive Maps – Female Genital Mutilation and the ICC’s Dubious Record

A couple of quick interactive maps I have published in recent weeks – one showing rates of female genital mutilation in Africa and the Middle East and the showing every ICC case globally. Ones for the data nerds…

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A timeline of Syria’s closing borders

I did a brief interactive timeline on how Syria’s neighbours have one by one increased their restrictions on refugees crossing the borders. See it here

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Afghanistan trip – October 2014

I recently returned from a 16-day reporting trip to Afghanistan. Here are some of the stories I wrote. Will post the rest of the links when they are published. Photos also mine. Afghanistan: Uphill struggle for female aid workers When … Continue reading

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The case for ignoring ISIS’ murders

A piece I wrote for Huffington Post. Original can be read here. The central square of a major Syrian city. Two dozen bodies are piled high, limbs distorted, faces contorted and mutilated. The remaining local residents swarm by, encouraged by … Continue reading

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Gaza blockade – no signs of loosening

This article was published by IRIN, a press service funded by the UN, on September 2 Nearly a week after a ceasefire agreement that was believed to include the partially lifting of the blockade on Gaza, no restrictions have been … Continue reading

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